Can you tell the story of your financial organization?
Do you know if your business is making a profit?

We can make you accounting literate in JUST ONE DAY!

Staff at every level will contribute to your business more effectively when they understand what drives your profit and cash flow.  Our highly interactive, fun and hands-on workshops use accelerated learning techniques and special props and metaphors to demystify accounting. They’re based on a new approach called accounting language education, which makes them relevant to everyday business activities.

Accounting Comes Alive, facilitated by Peter Frampton, targets employees, small business owners and independent professionals who need to know the universal language of business – accounting. No prior accounting training is necessary.  However, our workshops will also benefit those who took an accounting course in the past and need a refresher.

What You Will Learn

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Master debits and credits, journal entries and general ledgers
  • Prepare financial statements from the ground up
  • Demystify Accounting jargon
  • Read a balance sheet and income statement and have the figures tell a meaningful story so that you can do your job better
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements using key financial ratios so that you can make better decisions

 Session Outline

  • The story financial statements tell
  • What businesses use to make money
  • How to read an income statement and the cash flow statement
  • Debits and credits and double entry accounting
  • The true meaning of assets, liabilities, expenses and income
  • Equity and the accounting equations
  • Accrual and cash accounting

By the end of this empowering one-day experience, you will be able use and interpret any set of financial statements confidently.

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This is a ONE DAY workshop. Topics can also be tailored to your business.

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