Nearly 20 – 25% of work time can be lost due to a lack of organization or streamlined processes. By experiencing “Being Organized: Getting There Once and For All”, you will be able to transform your office into a well-organized workspace for optimum efficiency and productivity. This workshop, facilitated by Susan Lovallo, helps you become more successful by learning simple, new methods that anyone can master.

An organized office helps you function more productively and portrays you as an organized, efficient   professional. You’ll be able to stay focused longer, minimize distractions, meet deadlines and keep track of important documents.  Additionally, you will appear even more professional and feel more satisfied at the end of every day.

What You Will Learn

  • How to significantly increase productivity
  • Decrease time wasted on searching for documents
  • Minimize stress caused by disarray
  • Improve focus and follow through
  • Feel more satisfied at the end of the day

Session Outline

  • Finding things quickly
  • Creating  a system to handle paperwork
  • Getting Up To Speed With What You Read  to the bottom of every pile of paper
  • Setting  up filing systems for short and long-term purposes
  • Filing emails and electronic documents
  • Cleaning off your desk and declutter your workspace
  • Streamlining procedures

Schedule Your Training

This workshop is typically delivered in three-hour time blocks, either for one-on-one or group training. This investment ensures participants learn the new method and begin to implement the principles. Follow up sessions and one-on-one organizing sessions are also available and can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.  In addition, this workshop can be delivered as a “train the trainer” program for your organization.

Contact us to discuss your interest in offering this session.