Many busy professionals feel inundated with information coming from a myriad of sources – email messages, voice mail, list servs, trade journals, websites – information overload! As a result of trying to keep up with it all, you might experience “information anxiety,” which can make you feel overwhelmed, inadequate and uninformed. The reality is you are expected to efficiently absorb relevant and time-sensitive material no matter the quantity. So how can you do about it?

This workshop is THE answer to information overload. It’s a well-needed tune-up in four major skill areas: faster reading, email management, and time and stress management. We offer practical and immediately useable solutions to conquer the reading and email workloads, to get more done in a day and to reduce work-related stress.

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What You Will Learn

As a result of this session, you will:

  • Read faster both on paper and on- screen.
  • Save time by managing your reading workload better.
  • Get noticed on-screen by writing email more effectively.
  • Learn great email shortcuts to help you be more productive.
  • Work less by managing your email time more efficiently.
  • Gain confidence and begin to implement strategies for conquering your information overload.

Session Outline

  • Where Does Information Overload Come From?
  • Remembering You Are Human
  • Upgrade Your Reading
  • Work Better with Email
  • Learn Your Email Software Better*
  • More Ideas for Dealing with Information Overload
*The software tips are generally based on MS Outlook; however, we do customize for other business software.

Schedule Your Training

This program can be as short as a 90 minute conference session or as long as a full-day training.

Contact us to discuss your interest in offering this session.