They will learn. . . IF you show them how.

The Corporate Educator’s founder, Abby Marks Beale, has dedicated her career to teaching adults the things they needed to learn in school. She enjoys working with educators who in turn can teach their students.

Abby is the author of the college level textbook, Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning now in its third edition, published by Cengage Learning. Abby uses the content of this book as a basis for her workshops for educators.

Study Skills: The Tools for Active Learning

How best to learn? These are the skills students need! The information in this workshop is based on Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning.  Workshop topics include passive vs. active learning, taking effective notes, speed reading techniques, building vocabulary, time management for students preparing for tests, writing essays and papers. Learn more about Study Skills Workshop

Motivating Learners to Learn Anything

Although you can’t make a students learn anything they do not want to, you can set the stage most conducive for learning. In this workshop, participants share their knowledge and experience working with motivated students. Once the most successful motivators have been identified, participants have the opportunity to brainstorm and exchange ideas on how to facilitate learning in their content areas. Learn more about Motivating Learners to Learn Anything

The “Other” Learning Styles

Through a self-evaluation process, you will discover at least one of your preferred learning styles and how it influences your teaching style. Mock lesson plans are evaluated and retooled to address various styles. Learning to teach to various learning styles makes teaching more fun and learning easier and more effective for your students. Learn more about The “Other” Learning Styles

Rev It Up Reading for Busy Educators

Do piles of reading material on your desk make you feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated? Do you believe you will never catch up? If you want to gain control of your reading, then this workshop is for you!  Topics include creating focus, previewing, reading key words, reading phrases, using pacers and adjusting reading speed. Learn more about Rev It Up Reading for Busy Educators

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