By now we all are aware that the different generations in the workplace have different values and mindsets. We also know that this generational mix is making managing and leading more complex. What seems to be less understood is how to bring these groups together in ways that promote harmony, productivity and mutual respect.

This session aims to bring the different generations together to begin a dialogue where each will feel heard, understood and acknowledged. The format will include intra-generational and inter-generational dialogue as well as mixed-generational problem solving.

In our post industrial society organizations are “flatter” causing more of a generational “mixing” of workers than during the industrial age. The increasing diversity resulting from the mix of generations, and a mix of cultures, is driving a shift towards more complexity in managing and leading.

This interactive, informative and practical session, lead by Izzy Gesell, will provide you with a deeper understanding of what the differences are, how those differences impact your own perception and leadership style, how they manifest themselves in your organization and effective ways to lead the people in your organization to become more harmonious, productive and mutually respectful.

What You Will Learn

As a result of this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to formulate a plan to promote inter-generational dialogue
  • Discuss the impact generational differences have on effectiveness and productivity
  • Identify personal perceptions that interfere with cross -generational understanding.

Session Outline

  • How generational differences are impacting the workplace.
  • What defines the different generations?
  • How people characterize their own generation.
  • How people characterize the other generations.
  • A process to maximize the best of all generations in the workplace.

Schedule Your Training

Managing the Multi-Generational Workplace can be run as a stand-alone session or as part of a comprehensive stress management program. It typically runs between 90 minutes and 3 hours.

Contact us to discuss your interest in offering this session.