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If anyone in your organization is returning to school or taking professional certification courses, they will thank you for helping them learn smarter, faster and just plain better. Whether they enter an employer-sponsored training program or take courses on their own at an educational institution, employees will benefit from tuning up their reading and study skills.  Balancing a full-time job and family responsibilities makes time for learning quite challenging.  We can help by arming adult learners with the practical tools they need to learn more in less time and boosting their chances for success.

Success Skills Workshop

Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong LearningBased on the college-level textbook written by Abby Marks Beale, our Success Skills training gives you a solid foundation in how to learn. Its introspective focus guides you to discover who you are as a learner and then presents you with strategies that make academic learning easier.

We customize this training to include any or all of the following topics:

  • Discovering Your Personal Learning Styles
  • Creating Concentration
  • Managing Your Time
  • Taking Notes from Lecture and Reading
  • Survival Reading and Comprehension Skills
  • The 5 Testing Success Factors
  • Testing Strategies
  • Writing Essays and Papers

You can immediately apply Success Skills to all your learning tasks for school and work.

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Rev It Up Reading TM

Rev It Up Reading logoReturning to school may involve heavy reading of unfamiliar material. Rev It Up Reading will help you read more in less time, get information quickly, concentrate better and retain information longer. The Corporate Educator will bring this workshop to your site or you can take our new online course.

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