The road to knowledge begins
with the turn of a page.

When was the last time you had ANY reading training? If you are like most, it was way back in elementary school! The reading habits you acquired back then were appropriate for a young reader, but they probably don’t work well today as you struggle to process mountains of printed information, both on paper AND on-screen.

Rev It Up Reading - Online Speed Reading Course and Training for the busy business professionalRev It Up ReadingTM is our proven speed reading training for busy people who know how to read but want to read faster, comprehend more, concentrate better and retain more easily.

Developed by America’s #1 Speed Reading Expert, Abby Marks Beale, the Rev It Up Reading speed reading program teaches tips, tools and strategies you can use immediately to make a BIG dent in the piles of reading you face daily both on paper AND on-screen. You will also feel more confident and competent as a result of the reading training.

What You Will Learn

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define and incorporate strategies for increasing reading speed, concentration, comprehension and retention.
  • Read significantly faster, both on paper AND on-screen, with improved concentration.
  • Concentrate better by filtering out external and internal distractions.
  • Retain information longer.
  • Manage ANY reading workload better.
  • Enjoy reading more.

Session Outline

  • What’s Your Reading Speed Right Now?
  • What Your Reading Speed Means
  • 3 Incredibly Simple Strategies to Read Better and Faster On Paper and On-Screen
  • Creating Good Concentration
  • Creating A Reading Pile You WANT to Read
  • Cheat Reading (aka Finding the Important Information Quickly)
  • The Skinny About Highlighting and Margin Notes
  • Your Commitment to Making the Training Stick

Schedule Your On-Site Training

This program can be designed as a 60 minute conference-style session to a full day training program. A half-day session is typical for a corporate session. The longer the program, the more time to deliver content and provide eyes-on practice.

*NEW* ONLINE Learning Option

We offer an easy-to-follow online speed reading course called Rev It Up Reading that is divided into 9 short modules. The course includes 17 timed reading exercises and the ability to email the instructor with any questions at any time. We offer group discounts for companies, government agencies, associations, high schools and universities.

Contact us to discuss your interest in offering this session.