Are you overwhelmed by email?
Are you looking for better ways to manage it?

If you’re like most, you haven’t had any formal training in email etiquette, how to use your email software efficiently or how to write great emails that get noticed. This training addresses all these needs, teaching you how to get the most from email without letting it run you ragged. We will help you keep the benefits and manage the hassles of working effectively with email.

Though we can not completely control what comes in, we can certainly better handle what we send out and how we process what comes in. Slaying the Email Dragon is designed to help the busy professional more efficiently manage the daily email workload by teaching effective tools for reading, evaluating and responding to electronic correspondence.

What You Will Learn

As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Gain more time in your day while still keeping up with your email
  • Organize email smarter and manage it with less stress
  • Write email better and get your outgoing emails noticed
  • Learn great software tips
  • Create a personal action plan to implement the techniques that apply to you.

Session Outline

  • The 10 Ingredients of Effective Email
  • When Is Email Appropriate
  • The Value of Great Subject Lines
  • Practice Writing Email Messages
  • Strategies For Managing Email Time
  • Very Useful Email Software Tips*
*The software tips are generally based on MS Outlook; however, we do customize this section for other business software.

Schedule Your Training

This program can be as short as a 90 minute conference session or as long as a full-day training.

Contact us to discuss your interest in offering this session.