Do you attend or run a lot of meetings?
Would you like to learn how to make them more efficient?

Streamlining Meetings is designed for all busy professionals who attend or run meetings and who want to learn how to make them more productive and efficient. It is a fun and interactive workshop that helps busy professionals learn how to run more productive and efficient meetings.

Our program is designed using Edward DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats© methodology. Using this practical and positive approach, participants will easily learn to initiate new ideas, identify all options and solidify common-sense solutions within a very short time frame. In addition, participants will learn immediately usable tips for effective meeting preparation, minute taking and the development of ground rules.

What You Will Learn

As a result of this program, you will have the confidence and competence to:

  • Introduce a decision making process to streamline meetings
  • Optimize creativity and participant involvement
  • Increase productivity in meetings
  • Reduce frequency and length of meetings
  • Understand meeting roles and meeting minute taking techniques

Session Outline

  • Meeting Preparations
  • Developing Ground Rules
  • Understanding Meeting Roles: Leader, Facilitator, Timekeeper, Scribe
  • Minute Taking Techniques
  • Six Thinking Hats Methodology©
  • Practice Skills Activities
  • Debrief

Schedule Your Training

This program can be as short as a 90-minute conference session or as long as a half-day training.

Contact Us with your interest in offering this session.