Testimonials from Training Participants

“Looking back at your class, I find that I’m using many of the tools that were discussed in the class on a daily basis, with impressive results. . .  A big help has been turning off email notifications.  I’m finally starting to free myself from email slavery.  I have silenced my email notifications on my desktop and work mobile phone.  I used to check email like a robot every time my mobile phone buzzed/beeped while on the belt holster.  Now I check email periodically, and I watch my colleagues all check their cell phones for every beep/buzz, while I sit back with some satisfaction.  I did find lots of personal and professional value from the workshop, and I will recommend it to colleagues.”

 Vinny L., Sustainment Manager

“My conference participants are demanding, busy professionals who manage large volunteer networks. Abby’s strategies for managing overload were right on target for their needs. Abby is a professional of the highest caliber. I can sleep at night knowing that know that she will deliver an engaging, thought provoking workshop that is not only entertaining, but applicable to their daily lives.”

Amy Showalter – Innovate to Motivate,
The National Conference for Political Involvement Professionals

“I’ve been putting the techniques to use and have increased my reading speed from 350/wpm to about 500/wpm with better than 95% comprehension. I expect further improvements as I use the methods more and more.” (Sent via email 2 weeks after the Rev It Up Reading Course)

John C., VP of Information Technology

“Thank you for providing one of the best training courses I ever attended!”

J. Gregorian, US Department of Education

“I wanted to let you know that your (Time Management) course has changed the way I have done business over the past 30 days. My email and Blackberry usage has been cut in half. By not responding to non-important emails and not responding as soon as I turn on the laptop has been a real life changing experience. The senders have realized that I am not “sitting and waiting for their email or call”. Managing your emails and Blackberry is a must in this business. I have gained an hour or so back to my work week which has allowed me to accomplish other tasks. The book (you gave to us) is also a must read for many of my peers. Thank you!”

John B, Facilities Manager

“Your topic was right on the mark for our group of busy human resource professionals. We all took away much which can be readily applied to our daily business and professional reading requirements.”

Chapter President, Society of Human Resource Management

“You added phenomenal value to our group – we all received many great ideas to help organize our days and lives.”

Co-Founder Sue Robbins, Richard Robbins International

We are still receiving such positive comments about your session. I can’t thank you enough!”

H. Summerer, Meeting Professionals International

Wish we had more time. Good session. . . Excellent topic. . . Great Speaker!

Conference attendee, National Association of Black Accountants

The course was fun – it was fast-paced, fun, very informative and positive. I got excited about getting help with a task that I’ve come to dread at work because of sheer volume.”

M. Hopkins, Connecticut Dept of Transportation

Thank you so much for coaching me through speed reading. I feel this reading improvement played a significant role in increasing my verbal GMAT score!”

M. Stevens, aspiring MBA student

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